Rental Policy / Terms & Conditions

Required documents 

Valid driving license of each driver, passport or identity card, and valid credit card.


Driver’s age

The driver’ s minimum age for renting a car, starts from 23 years old, for Economy & Medium categories with valid license issued at least 2 (two) years before the rental date and 25 years old for all other categories (Full-sized & Family, Jeep & SUV, Cabriolet, Minivans & Minibuses), with valid driving licence issued at least 3 (three) years before the rental date.

The maximum age limit, is 70 years old.


 Additional driver

Two (2) drivers, including the main driver, can be registered in every rental agreement, without any additional charge.


Methods of payment

Company accepts payments by cash, credit / debit cards, bank transfer (Eurobank, National Bank of Greece) & Viva Wallet Payments.

Additional fees, are paid by the renter.

Payment shall be made directly up on delivery of the vehicle by the method agreed.


Rental Guarantee

A valid credit card is always required as guarantee, for the duration of every rental, regardless the payment method, cash or card.

In case the renter is not a credit card holder, it can be submitted a cash guarantee instead, which is fully refundable at the end of the rental.
*Debit, prepaid or cash cards, are not accepted as guarantee.


Confirmation of Booking

In order to ensure your booking, a small deposit may apply in advance. 

The deposit amount, is payable either via Bank Transfer (Eurobank, National Bank of Greece), or by credit / debit card, via Viva Wallet Payments.

Deposit, is deducted from the total amount of the rental and the account balance, is payable upon delivery of the vehicle. 

Some reservations however, can be confirmed without deposit payment, you may contact us in advance.


Rental period

The minimum rental period cars are available, is 3 days during low season (1/4 - 25/6 & 16/9 - 31/10) & 5 days during high season (26/6 - 15/9).

The company, is unable to reserve any vehicle from special categories (Automatics, Jeeps / SUVs, Convertibles, Minivans & Busses, etc.) for duration of rental less than 7 days, no matter the period, low season or high season.

Vehicles are hired for specific period & time, as stated on the rental agreement. 

There is a grace period of 1 hour at the end of the rental, after which an extra day will automatically be charged.


Fuel policy

The renter is obligated to follow all instructions indicated by our representatives upon delivery and always use the correct type of fuel. 

Vehicles are hired out with ¼, ½, ¾ or with full tank and expected to be returned with the same fuel level, as was delivered at the beginning of the rental.

The company cannot guarantee a full tank of petrol from before.

The amount of missing fuel at the end of every rental, will be charged to the renter.

There is no refund in case of additional fuel, upon return of the vehicle.


Traffic Violations

The renter assumes full responsibility for any traffic violations during the rental and pays the respective fines. 

If any such administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period, the violation will be charged to the renter.


Ferrying the vehicle

Ferrying the rental vehicle to any other island or mainland is not allowed!

Insurance in this case will be voided and the renter will be responsible for any damage may be caused to the vehicle, if driven elsewhere than the island of Crete.


Special equipment

Equipment such as safety child seats, GPS navigator, USB plugs etc., is available upon request & depending on the availability.

Our company provides a big variety of safety child seats, without extra charge.

GPS Navigation systems are provided upon request, with an additional cost depending on the rental duration. 

Please do always request special equipment, well in advance.


Delivery & Collection of vehicles

The main stations we provide delivery & return services in the island of Crete are, Heraklion area & Chania area.

We provide free delivery & return services, anywhere in Heraklion area (airport, port, city, hotels / apartments), within 15kms distance.

If you wish to collect & return your car at the area of Chania (airport, port, city) within 10kms, it applies an additional transfer charge depending on the location, you may contact us in advance.


Overtime car delivery & return

For overtime car delivery or return (between 23:00 - 08:00am), an additional charge may apply, please contact us in advance. 


Car groups available

All reservations, especially during high season period, are confirmed based on the vehicle category and not a specific car model, brand, color, design, etc. 

In case there is no longer availability for a valid reservation, Autocreta reserves the right to offer an upgrade, with no additional charge.


Booking upgrade & rental extension

In case you wish to upgrade your car rental booking or extend the rental period, we kindly ask from you to inform us about any change, the sooner possible.

For booking upgrades & rental extensions during high season period (26/6 - 15/9), it is required notification of minimum 7 days in advance.

Upgrades and extension of rental are depending exclusively, on the availability.


 Cancellations & Refunds

Autocreta has the right to cancel any confirmed or valid reservation at any time, if the client misbehaves or disregards the company's rental policies & terms.

Company is unable to give any refund, if the vehicle is returned earlier, in any case.

In the unfortunate case of cancelation of a reservation during high season period (26/6 until 15/9) it is required notification at least 7 days before the rental date, in order no cancelation fees to be charged.

During low season period (1/4 - 25/6 & 16/9 - 31/10), you may cancel your reservation for free, up to 48 hours from the rental date.

For last minute cancelations, the deposit amount is not refundable.


 Vehicle Condition

All cars, are delivered for rent fully maintained, disinfected and clean.

The renter is responsible for taking due care and attention of the vehicle, during the rental period. 

This includes maintaining oil levels, tire pressure and other common-sense actions to maintain the rental vehicle.

We kindly inform our clients, that smoking is not permitted in any rental vehicle. 

In case the vehicle returns back unacceptably dirty (mud or dust in the interior & exterior, sand on seats / floor / baggage, stains on seats, animal hair, vomit, etc.), so that the interior & exterior requires special cleaning procedure, the renter will be charged of the amount of 60 euro.


Pet policy

Any hairy friends (dogs, cats, etc.) are allowed to be transported in the rented vehicle only with a special animal transport case, both for their safety and for hygiene reasons.