Rental Policy / Terms & Conditions

Below rental Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Autocreta Car Rental's services and website,
By accessing our website we understand that you accept the below rental Terms and Conditions, before confirming your booking.

Required documents 

For the Rental Agreement that should be signed by both parties at the pick-up point, the renter must provide the following required documents:

  • Passport or ID card (both for main and additional driver)
  • Driving license issued at least 2 years from the rental date (both for main and additional driver)
  • Valid credit/debit card (VISA or MasterCard) in the name of the main driver 

** It is mandatory to present all the above documents, in their original form.
Driving license, ID or Passport presented in photocopy or in digital/electronic format, will not be accepted.

AUTOCRETA reserves the right to deny a particular request or reservation, if the above conditions are not met.

The renter must keep all documents and the copy of the Rental Agreement which is provided upon delivery by Autocreta's representative, inside the vehicle during the rental. By signing the Rental Agreement, the renter confirms that all information provided, is accurate and true, and accepts the terms & conditions of the rental. 

In case of inaccuracy, or in case of violating the rental terms, Autocreta company reserves the right to terminate the hire and take immediate possession of the vehicle.


Driver’s age

The driver’ s minimum age for renting a car, starts from 23 years old, for Economy & Medium categories with valid license issued at least 2 (two) years before the rental date and 25 years old for all other categories (Full-sized & Family, Jeep & SUV, Cabriolet, Minivans & Minibuses), with valid driving licence issued at least 3 (three) years before the rental date.

The maximum age limit, is 70 years old.


 Additional driver

Two (2) drivers, including the main driver, can be registered in every rental agreement, without additional charge.


Payment of the rental

The total payment of the rental is made upon delivery of the vehicle, by the pre-agreed method.

Company accepts payments by cash, credit/debit cards, bank transfers (Eurobank, National Bank of Greece) & Viva Wallet online Payments.

Currency fees if apply, are paid by the renter.


Rental Security Deposit

A valid Credit or Debit card (VISA or MasterCard) in the name of the main driver, will be required upon delivery, as guarantee for the duration of the rental, regardless if the payment method is by cash.

Details of the renter's Credit/Debit Card, should be provided to the company, directly up on delivery of the car.

The Excess amount, will be pre-authorised in the renter's card, for the rental security deposit. In the event the rental company is unable for any reason to pre-authorise the security deposit, the car cannot be delivered and the renter will not be entitled, to a refund. 

Subjecting to the vehicle's condition and the additional equipment (kids car seats, USB chargers, GPS device, etc.), the rental security deposit will be fully refunded by the company, after the vehicle has returned. Please be aware, that it may take up to 30 days for the funds to be credited back to your card, depending on your cooperate bank.

Only in case the renter is not Credit or Debit card holder, it can be submitted cash Security Deposit, which is fully refundable at the end of the rental, subjecting to the state of the vehicle.

*Prepaid and virtual cards, or cards issued on a different holder than the main driver, will not accepted as guarantee.


Confirmation of Booking

In order to ensure your booking, a small deposit apply in advance. 

The deposit amount, is payable either via Bank Transfer (Eurobank, National Bank of Greece), or by credit / debit card, via Viva Wallet online Payments.

Deposit, is deducted from the total amount of the rental and the account balance, is payable upon delivery of the vehicle. 


Rental period

For local rentals (pick-up/drop off from our main office) the minimum rental duration is 1 day. Daily rentals are considered from 09:00 until 20:30pm, of same day.

The minimum rental duration for Heraklion, is 3 days during low season (1/4 - 25/6 & 21/9 - 31/10) and 5 days during high season (26/6 - 20/9).

For car delivery/return at the airport of Chania, the minimum rental duration is 7 days, regardless category or period (low season or high season).

The delivery and return of the rental vehicle shall be made at the agreed location, dates and times specified in your reservation, which is confirmed by AUTOCRETA.

There is a grace period of 1 hour at the end of the rental after prior notice and acceptance by the company, after which, full day is automatically charged.


Fuel policy

The renter is obligated to follow all instructions indicated by our representatives upon delivery and always use the correct type of fuel. 

Vehicles are hired out with ¼, ½, ¾ or with full tank and expected to be returned with the same fuel level, as was delivered at the beginning of the rental.

The company cannot guarantee a full tank of petrol from before.

The amount of missing fuel at the end of every rental, will be charged to the renter plus refueling fee of 15€.

There is no refund in case of additional fuel, upon return of the vehicle.


Traffic Violations

The renter assumes full responsibility for any traffic violations during the rental and has the obligation to pay any respective fines. 

If any administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company during or at the end of the rental period, the fine will be charged to the renter plus administrative fee of 40€.

It is not allowed to transport more passengers than the number specified by the vehicle manufacturer and allowed by law.


Ferrying the vehicle outside Crete island

Ferrying the rental vehicle outside Crete island, to any other island or in the mainland, is prohibited!
Insurance and roadside assistance are valid and provided only, for Crete island. 


Optional equipment

Optional equipment such as safety child seats, USB plugs etc., chargers is available only upon request & subject to availability.

Our company provides a big variety of safety child seats such as: Infant seats (0-9kg), Baby seats (9-18kg), Highback Booster seats (18-25kg), Booster seats (25-36kg).

Car seats Autocreta Car Rentals

Kindly be Informed, that according to Greek Traffic Regulation, all minors with height of 135cm or less, must use a proper restraint car seat.
**Installizing the kid's seat in the rental car, is responsibility of the renter.

The company is not obliged to provide optional equipment, if it has not been requested in advance.


Delivery & Collection of vehicles

The main stations we provide delivery & return services in the island of Crete are, Heraklion area & Chania airport.

We provide free delivery & return services, anywhere in Heraklion area (airport, port, city, hotels / apartments), within city limits.

If you wish to collect & return your car at the airport of Chania, applies an additional transfer surcharge, you may contact us in advance.

Under no circumstances may the vehicle be collected or returned on another location, different from that indicated in the rental contract.


Out-of-hours car delivery & return

For out-of-hours car delivery or return (between 22:30 - 08:00am), applies an additional charge, please contact us in advance for clarifications. 


Car groups available

All reservations, especially during high season period, are confirmed based on the vehicle category and not a specific car model, brand, color, design, etc. 
The vehicle model that is being reserved, is only indicative and it may be replaced by another of similar characteristics, within the same category contracted by the customer.

The company, has no obligation to replace a vehicle, if the customer is not fond of its color or design, or when it does not fit the passengers or their luggage.

In case there is no longer availability for a valid reservation, Autocreta reserves the right to offer an upgrade, with no additional charge.


Booking upgrade & rental extension

In case you wish to upgrade your car rental booking or extend the rental period, we kindly ask from you to inform us about any change, the sooner possible.

For booking upgrades & rental extensions during high season period (26/6 - 20/9), it is required notification of minimum 7 days in advance.

The company, retains the right to denny a rental extension, if the vehicle is already reserved for another booking.

Upgrades and extension of rental are depending exclusively, on the availability.


 Cancellations & Refunds

Autocreta has the right to cancel any confirmed or valid reservation at any time, if the client misbehaves or disregards the company's rental policies & terms.

The company is not obliged in any case to refund money, if the car is returned earlier, from the predetermined date & time.

In the unfortunate case of cancellation of a valid reservation, will not apply any cancellation fees.

The deposit amount is not refundable in any case, but can be used for future services.


 Flight/Ferry Delays & No show

In case your flight or ferry is delayed or cancelled, please inform us in good time in order to be able to provide you with better customer service in these cases. 

If the customer fails to do so, or in case of no show, we cannot guarantee the maintenance of your reservation, although Autocreta will endeavour to hold the vehicle, for a maximum of 2 hours from the initial pick-up time. 
When this no longer be feasible, Autocreta will proceed to the cancellation of your reservation in such case and dispose freely of the reserved vehicle, without entitlement of compensation or refund.

For delayed flight arrivals after 23:00pm even with prior notice, it applies additional charge for overtime car delivery.


 Vehicle Condition

All cars, are delivered for rent fully maintained, disinfected, clean and in perfect working condition.

The renter is responsible for taking due care and attention of the vehicle, during the rental period. This includes maintaining oil levels, tire pressure and other common-sense actions to maintain the smooth function of the rental vehicle.

We inform our clients, that smoking is not permitted in any rental vehicle!

The vehicle, must be returned in the same condition as received, except for normal wear and dirt.  In case the vehicle returns back unacceptably dirty (with mud or dust in the interior & exterior, sand on seats / floor / baggage, stains on seats, animal hair, vomit, etc.), so that the interior & exterior requires special cleaning procedure, the renter will be charged of the amount of 80 - 120€, depending on the vehicle's state.

Please ensure, that no items of your property are left in the vehicle at the moment of its return. If such case, Aurocreta will not held responsible for your loss.


Abandonment of the rented vehicle

Clients abandoning the rented vehicle elsewhere than the agreed location specified in the rental contract, will be liable for the costs incurred, due to breach of the rental agreement.
Moreover, apart from the daily rental cost, an extra penalty fee of 50will apply.


Pet policy

Respecting people with allergies or other health problems, in case you have a hairy friend (dog, cat, etc.) the company allows you to transfer it to the rented vehicle by arrangement and only in a special box for transporting pets, both for safety and for hygiene reasons.


Modification of Terms & Conditions

Above conditions may be modified by Autocreta at any time, particularly, in order to adapt to regulatory changes or to the applicable trade policy, therefore, we recommend to all our customers, before renting a vehicle through our website, to read the terms and conditions carefully.
- Last updated - December 2022


Applicable law and jurisdiction

If any dispute or discrepancy related to the above conditions, the parties waive any other jurisdiction that may apply and agree to subject themselves to the relevant Courts of Heraklion city, in accordance with the provisions of the Greek legislation that may apply in each case.


**Please note that we try to have the best translations possible to all languages. In some cases there might be a small difference between the translations. So you might want to consult the English version of the Terms & Conditions and the Insurance Policy as well, which is the original written language. Thank you for your understanding.