Important Information

Before proceeding with the confirmation of your car reservation, please carefully read our company's Rental & Insurance Policy, as well as the Terms & Conditions of the rental, which are detailed below and apply to the rental agreement.
Once we receive the online reservation, we confirm that you have fully read and accepted all the terms and the rental policy stated on our official website.
Prices include all taxes - 24% VAT, Unlimited Kilometers, Full C.D.W. Insurance with Excess, Personal Accident Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance and Theft Insurance with Excess.
Prices do not include: Fuel, vehicle cleaning, traffic fines, accident file expenses, and any situation mentioned in the "Not Covered" section.

Age requirements

Minimum age for driver to rent a car:
23 years old for Economy & Medium Category, with valid driving license issued at least 2 years before the rental date.
25 years old for all other categories, with valid driving license issued at least 3 years before the rental date.
28+ years old for convertible Audi A3 and Premium Luxury category with minimum driving experience 5 years.
Maximum age limit for renting a car, is 70 years old.

Required documentation

For the vehicle pickup, it is mandatory to present:
- Passport or ID card
- Driving License (National Driving License for EU, U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Israel citizens and International Driving License for all other countries) 
- Valid Credit/Debit card (VISA or MasterCard) issued on the name of the main driver 

** All the above documents must be presented in their original form and not as photocopies or other digital/electronic formats.
AUTOCRETA reserves the right to reject a specific request or reservation if the above requirements are not met.
By signing the rental contract at the pickup location, the renter confirms that all provided information is accurate and true and accepts the general terms and conditions of the rental.
In case of inaccuracies or violation of rental terms, Autocreta reserves the right to terminate the rental and take possession of the vehicle immediately, without the possibility of any compensation.

Additional driver

Our policy, allows you to add a second driver with your rental, without charge.
For third driver, applies extra daily charge 3€.
Additional drivers should meet all requirements (age, license, etc.) and can only be added at the pick up location, in order to sign the rental contract.

Rental payment & methods accepted

The total estimated cost of the rental must be paid at the beginning of the rental, at the pre-agreed method.
We accept cash payments, credit & debit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro), bank transfer payments & online payments via Viva Wallet platform.
*It is not possible to submit any amount, in installments.

Full Insurance C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver)

The prices stated in our website, include full insurance C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver) with *Excess.
With this coverage, the renter's financial liability is limited upto a specific amount (Excess) in case of damage to the vehicle body, collision, accident or theft, provided that the terms and rental policy of the company, as well as the Traffic Code, are not violated.
For C.D.W insurance, a deposit is required equivalent to the Excess , which varies depending on the vehicle category, ranging from €600 to €5.000. 
**Please note that Excess amounts subject to VAT 24%.

The Excess/Deductible, is the amount that you are liable to pay if the bodywork of your car gets damaged or if the car is stolen during the rental period. Please note that the CDW insurance only covers the bodywork of the car, and does not include other parts such as windows, wheels, interior, or undercarriage, nor does it cover any charges such as for towing or off-road time, or anything inside the car such as child seats, GPS remotes, personal belongings, etc.
It is important to remember that in the event that you behave recklessly or negligently, or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for any situation mentioned in "Not Covered" section, you will be liable for the full damage costs.

Excess Amounts

Full insurance SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) 

Super Collission Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W) insurance with reduced Excess. 
With this coverage, the renter can further reduce the Excess amount, for all categories that imply to S.C.D.W, in the event of an accident or collision, as well as in case of damages to the vehicle body, provided that the use of the rented vehicle, is always according to the Rental Conditions of the company.

The specific insurance is optional and available upon request, at an additional daily fee, that depends on the vehicle category as well as the rental duration and purchased on delivery of the vehicle.
For the purchase of this insurance package, the driver must be between 25 - 65 years old at the time of the rental and the duration of the hire should be minimum 7 days. 
*S.C.D.W insurance, may not be available for some categories.

Important notice: If the renter has taken out insurance with a personal insurance provider of his country, this in no way implies that damages are covered by Autocreta car rental company. 
Consequently, the customer is solely responsible for claiming reimbursement for the damages directly from his personal insurance provider.

Not Covered

The renter is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle (not specified in the Car Inspection Form that is provided together with the Rental Agreement upon collection) as well as for the following situations that are not covered by the insurance (CDW or SCDW), in no case:
  • Damage to the vehicle or to third parties due to negligent driving, driving under the effect of alcohol or drugs, and/or reckless driving.
  • Damages caused by driving over roads in bad condition (off-road driving, unpaved/graveled roads, e.g Balos road or similar routes).
  • Scratches from tree branches or fenses, stains on car body from parking under trees, damages from parking on high sidewalks.
  • Damages to tires and/or rims.
  • Damages caused in the interior and/or exterior of the car by animals.
  • Any kind of damage caused in the cabin interior of the car (switches, seats, gear lever, locks, seat belts, seat headrests, car audio, mats, etc.)
  • Accidents and/or damages resulting after violation of International Traffic Regulations, such as: exceeding speed limits, U-turns, abnormal overtaking, violating STOP sign or red traffic light, reckless/dangerous driving, etc.
  • Glasses, windows and mirrors.
  • Any damage to the rental vehicle caused by negligence or failure to abide by the rules.
  • Driving with a flat tire, overheat indicator or other warning signs
  • Filling the car up with the wrong fuel.
  • Acts of vandalism and natural disasters.
  • Key loss or damage (for transfering the spare key to the renter applies trasnfer fee depending on the location, plus the cost of the key replacement).
  • Damage to the car locks (interior or exterior)
  • Battery recharging/replacement after forgetting lights or indicators on, while parked (charge 150€).
  • Damages to the roof and the underside of the car.
  • Damage to engine, gearbox and/or clutch by wrong use.
  • Damage, loss or theft of the vehicle´s accessories such as: antenna, jack, windscreen wipers, petrol cap, boot tray, triangles, GPS remotes, child car seats, etc. 
  • Accidents and/or damages not reported to the rental company or to the local police authorities, timely or at all
  • Is not allowed to transfer more passengers than specified by the vehicle manufacturer or permitted by the law.
  • Is not allowed the vehicle to be driven by persons not registered in the rental agreement.
  • Is not allowed to use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles, or participate in races, contests or competitions of any kind.
  • Is not allowed to use the rental vehicle to load or transport goods of any kind, or install a roof rack.
Any occurrence which violates the provisions of this Rental Agreement shall be construed as vehicle misuse in which case the renter will be liable for all damages caused to the vehicle.

Rental Security Deposit

Upon delivery of your car, it is obligatory to provide a valid Credit or Debit card (VISA or Mastercard), so that the company reserves the predefined security deposit amount (Excess) on your card.
The security deposit is blocked/held until the end of the rental and is refunded/unblocked after the vehicle is being inspected on its return, given that is returned at the same condition as it was in the beggining of the rental, without damages or visible defects (as proved in the Car Inspection Form that is provided together with the Rental Agreement upon delivery), which, in case of any damage, will determine the amount that the renter must pay in a detailed note and the renter, authorises this amount to be deducted from the security deposit provided. 

In case it could not be possible to assess the damage immediately, the company shall have 5 days to return, if applicable, the remaining deposit, after the cost of the repair has been deducted. 
The refund process of the security deposit, could take up to 30 days, depending on the bank.
Credit/Debit cards that being used for pre-authorization or payment, should be hold on the name of the main driver, at the time of picking up the vehicle. 
*Virtual cards, or cards from another person (including family members) will not be accepted!

Cash Security deposit

In case you are neither credit nor debit card holder, you can still rent a car with us, as you can leave a certain amount in cash as Security Deposit and receive it back in full, after you return the car, subjecting to its state.
Cash Security Deposit varries depending on the Excess amount of the car category selected.

Confirmation of a Booking

Bookings are confirmed with an advanced payment, payable with Bank Transfer or with credit/debit card via Viva Wallet Payments.
Only in some occassions, (e.g last minute booking) a reservation can be confirmed without advance payment, you may contact us for further information.

Vehicle delivery & return

We offer car delivery and return services in the following areas of Crete:
Heraklion airport/port/city, Kokkini Hani, Gouves, Analipsi, Hersonissos. 
We provide complimentary car delivery and return services for a minimum rental duration of 3 days to any of these locations. 
* Please be aware that for car delivery or return in Heraklion city, access by car is required.
Chania airport
Delivery and return services to this location are available with an additional charge and require a minimum rental duration of 7 days.

The delivery and return of the rented vehicle must occur at the agreed-upon location, dates, and times specified in your reservation, which are confirmed by the company. 
Under no circumstances is the return of the vehicle allowed on a different date, time, or location than the one agreed upon and stated in the rental contract. 

In cases of abandoning the rented vehicle in a location other than the agreed-upon one in the rental contract, the renter is solely responsible for the expenses incurred in returning the vehicle to the company's central offices.

Car Category and Capacity 

Every reservation, is completed and confirmed based on the category selected by the renter. We are unable to guarantee a particular brand or model during the booking process. 
The car shown on the confirmation document is indicative and can be delivered a different car model/brand/colour instead which is deemed to be similar, within the category selected.
The company has no liability when a vehicle is being unsuitable for all passengers and their luggage. 
Information provided in our website regarding luggage and passenger capacity is only for guidance purposes and could vary depending on the car category reserved.

Car Inspection

Upon collection of the rental vehicle, we strongly recommend all customers to check over the vehicle together with our representative, directly at the pick-up spot. 
This is to ensure that any damage, including minor dents and scratches, are noted in the Vehicle Inspection Form which is provided together with the rental contract upon delivery, by our representative.
Same upon return of your vehicle, a similar inspection is been made by our representative at the return spot, to confirm that, no damages, dents or scratches were ocurred to the vehicle during the rental period.
Any complaints or notes, must always be reported while taking over the vehicle. Claims made after the rental period has started are not going to be considered.
Smart tip before you start your trip:
Always check the condition of the vehicle before you leave the rental agency. Beside the car inspection that is been done upon collection of the vehicle, taking photos of the car is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings, at the end of the rental.

Vehicle Condition & Use

You will collect a fully audited vehicle, in perfect working order, with all the neccessary documents, tools and accessories, as well as in a good general condition, in terms of the exterior and interior cleanliness. 
It is your responsibility to maintain the correct functioning of the car with the utmost diligence, by keeping the right tire presure, beware of any warning signals, respect current Traffic Regulations at all times and places, as well as any legal provisions regarding traffic, transport and road safety, keeping the interior clean and other common sense actions.
Always lock the vehicle, park in appropriate and safe locations and engage the hand brake if the vehicle is not being used.
The rented vehicle, can only be used for leissure purposes and by the drivers stated in the rental contract. In the event that the vehicle is being used against company's rental Terms, the company has the right to terminate the rental without notice and without possibility of any kind of reimbursement. Moreover, the company reserves the right to carry out all legal actions, to obtain compensation for any corresponding damages.
In case of excess dirt (indoor or outdoor) upon return,  including sand on seats, floor, trunk, any kind of stains on seats, vomit, hair from animals etc., so that is required special cleaning process, the charge is between 80-150€, accordingly.

Fuel policy

We work with "same to same" fuel policy, which means that we deliver the car to you with a certain amount of fuel and you should return it back with the same level as collected. 
It is important to follow all instructions indicated upon delivery and always use the correct type of fuel. 
If you return the vehicle with less fuel than you started with, you will be requested to pay the corresponding amount for the missing fuel, plus refueling fee of 15€.
*Missing fuel payments and fees are accepted only by cash. 
There is no possibility of refund in case of more fuel in the tank upon return.

Car seats and other equipment

Equipment such as child seats, chargers & phone mounts, as well as USB plugs, are available only upon request and subject to availability.
Our company offers a wide variety of child seats with a low charge of €2/day:
  • Infant seats (0-9kg)
  • Child seats (9-18kg)
  • Highback Booster seats (18-25kg)
  • Booster seats (25-36kg)
The installation and securing of the child seat in the vehicle are the responsibility of the renter.
*In case of loss, damage, or deterioration of the child seat, the charge varies between €70 - €120 depending on the type of seat.

Traffic Violations & Fines

The renter is responsible for any traffic violations and fines, during the period that the vehicle is under his possession, according to the rental agreement signed.
If a fine is incurred, the amount of 25€ will be charged in addition, as administration fee.
The payment of fines and administration fees are not included in any of the insurance coverage. 

Additionally, in the event that the authorities retain the vehicle resulting from an act or omission on the part of the renter, whatever the cause, the renter shall be liable and will indemnify the rental company for all expenses (towing, confiscation, penalties) and loss of profits (according to prices in force at that time) incurred, as a result for this action.

Important Information: We kindly inform our customers that, according to the new Road Traffic Code, the Driving License will be revoked for 60 days, in the following cases:
  • Failure to use a seat belt
  • Failure to use a protective helmet
  • Use of a mobile phone
  • Non-use of a proper child seat
For foreign nationals, the driver's license will be returned after the 60 days have passed, through their Embassy.

Transporting the vehicle outside Crete

Ferrying/transporting the rental vehicle outside Crete boarders, to any other island or in the mainland, is prohibited!
Insurance and roadside assistance are valid and provided only, for Crete island.

Rental period

    For local rentals taking place at our central office, the minimum rental period is one (1) day.
    *One-day rental is considered from 09:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening of the same day.
    The delivery and return of the rented vehicle must take place at the agreed-upon location, dates, and times specified in your reservation, which are confirmed by the company.
    Under no circumstances is the return of the vehicle allowed on a different date, time, or location than the one agreed upon and stated in the rental contract.
    A grace period of 1 hour (60 minutes) may apply upon consultation with the company at the end of the rental. After the expiration of the 1-hour period, an entire day will be automatically charged.

    Out-of-hours Service

    Delivery and return of vehicle outside office opening hours (from 21:30 until 08:30am) is considered out-of-hours service and is available upon request, at an additional fee. Kindly note that, for delayed flight arrivals after 22:00pm even after prior notice, applies additional fee for car delivery out-of-working-hours.
    For further information, you may contact us.

    Car return outside opening hours (between 21:30 - 08:30 am)

    We always recommend that you return the vehicle during the Company's business working hours. Although it is allowed to return the car out of working hours, please be aware that, until the car will be received and inspected by a member of our company, the renter is sole responsible for its condition and may be charged in case of damages.

    Rental extension/prolonging

    To extend/prolong the rental period, the renter must contact the company by email and send a written request at least 48 hours, prior to the return date.
    Requests by phone, will not be accepted.
    Rental extension is subject to availability, therefore the renter must be prepared that his/her request, might not be accepted, if the vehicle is already booked.
    In the event that there is no consent for extension by the company, the vehicle is considered to move without authorization and against the terms of the company,  fact that's being punished by law and on the responsibility of the driver, with a penalty fee of 100€, plus the rental day value.

    Booking Modification

    Please note that modification service is free of charge, but any modification made such as amendment of the pick-up or drop-off location, car group, or rental period, is subject to availability and may affect the rental price, causing it to differ from the price indicated in the initial confirmation form.

    Cancellation/Refund/No Show

    Cancellations must be notified in written to the company by email, minimum 72 hours prior to the pick-up. In this case, cancellation process is free.
    For notifications related to cancellation of a booking, less than 72 hours from the pick-up applies cancellation fee of 40€ and any advance payments will not be refunded.

    Concerning cancellations made during high season (July-August-September) the deposit amount is not refundable but can be credited for future services.
    Refund policy, is not possible for the following:
    - Earlier vehicle return (before the date or time stated in the rental agreement) 
    - More fuel in the tank upon return
    - Wrong selection of vehicle category by the renter
    - Failure to present required documentation upon delivery (driver's license, passport/ID, credit/debit card)
    - Cancellation during high season (July-August-September)
    If the customer does not appear at the specified date and time for the car pick up, this will be considered as "No-Show" and in such case the customer is not entititled of refund.
    There is a grace period of 2 hours from the pick-up time indicated in the confirmation document, after which, the booking is automaticaly cancelled and considered as a "No-Show".

    Flight/Ferry Delays

    If you receive an update that your flight or ferry is delayed or cancelled, please inform us the sooner, in order to reschedule your booking if possible.
    In case of misfailure to inform us about any changes on your arrival schedule, we cannot guarantee the validity of the reservation, therefore after the pass of 2 hours from the original pick-up time, we keep the right to dispose the reserved vehicle freely, without entitlement of any compensation or refund. 
    Please note that, for delayed flight arrivals after 22:00pm even with prior notice, applies extra fee for car delivery out-of-working-hours.

    Mechanical Breakdown & Roadside Assistance

    All our vehicles are covered with 24-hour Roadside Assistance, provided that the they are used only on authorized road network and paved roads of Crete.
    In case of a mechanical breakdown or any issue or if the renter is involved in a traffic accident (regardless of fault), they must immediately call the rental company and officially report any incident, since the rental company, is the only entity authorized and responsible for authorizing any vehicle management or repairs.
    Please note that after the official incident report, a certain period of time is required for processing and resolution, estimated at around 4 hours, depending on the circumstances. 

    In cases of serious mechanical failure or accident, priority will be given to swiftly repairing the vehicle. Only when repair isn't feasible instantly, the vehicle will be substituted with another of equal or superior class, contingent upon availability.
    **The vehicle is replaced at the company's headquarters, in Heraklion.
    The company reserves the right to investigate the circumstances of an incident, accident, or breakdown and may not proceed with replacement if it is proven that the use of the vehicle was contrary to the terms of the rental.

    Flat Tire

    In the event that you have a flat tire during the rental period, you should immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and replace the flat tire with the spare one, using the tools and equipment provided in the vehicle's trunk. 
    If you need further assistance, please contact us for additional instructions.
    Afterwards, you should proceed to the nearest tire repair shop (vulcanizer) close to your location to fix the flat tire. The repair expenses ranges from €10 to €15, and the amount will be fully paid by the renter.
    In cases where the tire has suffered severe damage or is beyond repair, resulting in the need for replacement, the renter is obligated to cover the total cost of replacement.
    Please note that the company is not responsible for any expenses arising from tire repair or replacement. Additionally, tire replacement is not covered by roadside assistance.


    In the event of a traffic accident or any other incident/event (collision, fire, theft, etc.), the renter must:
    1) Immediately notify the rental company (the phone number is specified in the rental contract).
    2) Record the names, surnames, and mobile numbers of the individuals involved, as well as the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved in the incident.
    3) Not accept any responsibility or guilt before the rental company representative or the insurance service arrives at the scene.
    4) Contact the police and an ambulance if necessary (emergency international number 112).
    5) Gather all relevant information from third parties and any related documents or other evidence (e.g., recent photographs, testimonies, etc.) and provide them to the rental company.
    6) Under no circumstances leave the scene of the accident or the vehicle until a representative of the rental company or the insurance service arrives.
    7) Complete and sign any relevant statement/document (detailed accident report, etc.) provided by the insurance service.

    Smoking & Pet Policy

    Pets can be transported only in a special animal transport case, after the written aproval of the company.
    Smoking is stricktly prohibited in the cars! Cleaning fee for smoking in the rented vehicle is 150€.


    - It is mandatory requirement to have the rental contract in the vehicle at all times.

    Personal Data Protection

    The rental company takes care that personal data of the Renter are processed according to the personal data protection requirements applicable in the European Union including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. The Company ensures that the Renter’s personal data will be processed in accordance with lawful business purposes in order to ensure providing the service requested by the renter. 
    Moreover, the renter agrees that:
    a)  the rental company is entitled to process and send the renter’s provided personal data and contact information (full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, etc.), in order to complete the booking process
    b) the renter’s email will be used by the company to send confirmation of the booking and any other information related to his/hers reservation
    c) the renter’s phone number will be used by the company to clarify questions regarding the booking, if they arise

    Modification of Terms & Conditions

    Above conditions may be modified by the rental company at any time, particularly, in order to adapt to regulatory changes or to the applicable trade policy.
    Therefore we recommend to all our customers, before renting a vehicle through our website, to read all general rental conditions, carefully.
    Latest modification - January 2024


    The rental contract is made with the laws of the country (Greece) in which it is signed and governed by them. Both parties agree that for the resolution of any dispute arising from this contract, the Judicial Court of the District of Heraklion will be competent.

    **Please note that we try to have the best translations possible to all available languages. In some cases there might be a small difference between the translations, so you might want to consult the English version of the General Rental Conditions, which is the original written language.
    Thank you for your understanding.