• What documents do I need to rent a car?

You need to present a valid driving license, passport or identity card and a valid Credit or Debit card in your name.
  • Can I reserve a specific car for my resrevation?

Reservations can only be confirmed by the category and not a specific car brand, model or colour.
However, you can tell us your preference and we will try our best to offer you the car you wish, depending on the availability.
  • Does the car comes with full tank?

We work with "same to same" fuel policy, which means that we deliver the car to you with a certain amount of fuel and you should return it back with the same level as collected.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee in advance that you will collect your car with a full tank.
  • What kind of Insurance is included in the prices?

Prices include Full Insurance CDW with Deductible/Excess, adjusted according to the vehicle category.
You can choose the SCDW option at an additional daily surcharge depending on the category, that reduces the deductible/Excess.
  • Is it necessary to purchase additional insurance when renting a car in Crete?

It is not necessary to purchase additional insurance when renting a car, as our prices include all necessary insurance packages. However, you may choose to purchase the optional SCDW insurance package with reduced Excess, for additonal peace of mind.

  • What should I do if I get involved in an accident with my rental car in Crete?

If you get into an accident with your rental car, it is important to contact Autocreta car rental company immediately and notify them.

  • What is the procedure if I return the rental vehicle with a damage?

Any incident or damage during the rental period, must be reported immediately to the car rental company. Upon return, you must present the rental agreement together with the car inspection form, so that our representative can check the insurance chosen by you, as well as under which circumstances the damage occurred, so that the situation can be assessed.
In the case the company will not receive any notification regarding an incident, accident or damage during the rental period, or in case of negligence or violation of Traffic Regulations, damages will not be covered by the insurance, even if you have chosen the SCDW insurance.
  • Are prices final?

Our prices are final, including all local Taxes-VAT, Unlimited KMs, Full Insurance C.D.W (with Excess), Personal Accident Insurance, Public Liability & Third Parties Insurance, Insurance against Theft (with Excess).
  • What if the vehicle I choose, does not fit the passengers and/or the luggage?

Before booking your car, make sure that you have read all information and specifications regarding the car categories stated in our website.
The company is no way responsible if the client chooses a vehicle that is unsuitable for the passengers or their luggage.
  • I don't have a credit card, can I still rent a car?

In case you are neither credit nor debit card holder, you can still rent a car with us, as you can leave a certain amount in cash as Security Deposit and receive it back in full, after you return the car subjecting to its state.
Cash Security Deposit varries depending on the Excess amount of the car category selected.
  • What should I do if I get a parking ticket during my rental?

If you get a parking ticket, you as the renter, are responsible for its payment, plus the administrative fees that may arise. However, we are happy to assist you in paying the ticket, by providing relevant information. Keep in mind that fines and administration fees, are not covered by any insurance.
  • Can I drive my rental car from Crete to another Greek island?

According to our company's rental policy, transporting the vehicle outside Crete boarders is not allowed. The insurance coverages and Roadside assistance, apply only for Crete island.
  • Can I rent a car without a reservation?

It is recommended to make a reservation in advance, especially during peak tourist season. Nevertheless, last minute rentals may be available without a reservation, subject to availability.
  • Do you wish to ask something else?

Our team is always available to reply to all your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact us by email at info@crete-car-rentals.com or at WhatsApp +306977574699