Insurance Policy / Coverings & Waivers

insurance Policy Incurance Coverage

Full Insurance (CDW) is always included in the rental prices and provides a level of protection in case of accident or damage to the rental vehicle, that reduces the renter's responsibility up to a maximum Excess amount, depending on the vehicle category.

Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) for Personal Injuries per victim, up to 1.200.000 euro.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for materials & properties per event, up to 1.200.000 euro.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides insurance coverage for the driver and the passengers of the rental vehicle, for accidental medical costs & emergency care, up to 5.000 euro.

 Theft Insurance (TP) Insurance against theft, covers the renter in case the rented vehicle is stolen, including also, any damage that may be caused to the vehicle, as a result of attempted theft.

**Personal belongings or valuables within the rented vehicle, are not covered by theft insurance.

 Fire Insurance (FP) Insurance against fire, covers the rented vehicle for total or partial loss, in case of accidental act or as result of arson. In the case of the latter, the renter needs to report the attempt immediately to the police, in order to receive a protocol number, that should be notified instantly towards the rental company and its insurance provider.
If the fire is proven to be caused of deceit, or deliberate action, due to the renter's fault or negligence, there is absolutely, no insurance coverage.

  Premium Full Insurance (FDW) is available upon request, at an additional daily surcharge depending on the vehicle group, for rentals of minimum duration of 7 days and provided only, when the driver is aged between 25 and 65 years old.

FDW Premium Full Insurance, provides complete insurance coverage, without excess, in case of damage or accident to the rental vehicle by the driver's responsibility, provided that the rental terms & conditions, are not being violated.

** Please keep in mind that, Premium FDW insurance package, is not available for the following car categories: Crossover & SUV vehicles, Convertibles, Minivans & Minibuses

Roadside Assistance Roadside assistance and vehicle replacement

Our company, in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN and ELPA, provides 24/7 roadside assistance on the island of Crete, provided that the vehicles move on paved/asphalt roads and streets.

Any mechanical problem you may face with your car or in the unfortunate event of an accident, you must report it immediately to the car hire company, whose telephone numbers are stated on the rental agreement.

All contact details & information, are always provided up on delivery, by our representatives, so that our customer service team, can receive your calls at any time and will try to help you in the best possible way. 

In case of seriοus breakdown or in case of an accident, resulting complete immobilization of the rental vehicle, the company will replace the vehicle with another of the same or bigger category, within 48 hours from reference time.

Please, bare in mind that the company, retains the right to investigate the circumstances of an accident or a breakdown and not proceed to any replacement, in case the use of the rental vehicle, was not according the company's terms & rental policy.


Tire Replacement Flat tire

In the event of flat tire during the rental, the replacement of the punctured tire with the spare, is responsibility of the renter and the company assumes no liability. 

If punctured the tire under normal driving conditions (not by off road driving), the repair of the punctured tire, bears the company. If such case, the renter should immediatelly contact the rental company and follow their instructions. 

To rid the renter from any charges, the punctured tire should immediately be replaced with the spare one and the renter, needs to drive to the nearest tire-shop, in order to get it repaired.
The repair, costs approximately 8-10 euro and shall be refunded, only after a receipt is provided.

The company however, does not incur any additional expenses arising from tire repair or replacement.

If the tire is comptelely damaged/destroyed, that its repair would be impossible, the renter is obligated to pay for tire replacement. 

Flat tire replacement, is not covered by roadside assistance.


Driving conditions car rental autocretaDriving Conditions/Vehicle use

We kindly inform our customers, that all the vehicles of our company are intended for leisure purposes and passenger transportation and are allowed to move/driven exclusively, only on asphalted roads!!

It is strictly forbidden, to drive with the rented vehicle on dirt or gravel roads, beaches, rocky areas or other places and routes, that can cause damage to the vehicle. 

In case the renter, drives with the rented vehicle off-road, or in any other unpaved/dirt street (Balos, or other similar routes, rocky areas, beaches, etc.), there is absolutely no insurance coverage and the renter is exclusively liable, both for any damages that may occur to the rental vehicle, as well as for towing expenses and the cleaning of the vehicle (interior & exterior) by mud, dust, sand etc.

In the event of a breakdown/damage while off-road, the costs of towing and roadside assistance service, is borne exclusively by the renter.


car accident report autocreta car rentals Situation of Accident

In the unfortunate event of an accident or in case of damage to the rental vehicle, regardless responsibility, the renter needs to inform the rental company immediately and at any time.

The nearest police station, as well as the insurance company, should also be notified by the rental company, in order to proceed to the accident location and obtain an accident report, at the real time of the incident. 

The persons involved to the incident, including the renter, should remain at the location and not leave the scene, without notifying the rental company.

In case of injuries, the renter should immediately call both the police and ambulance (international emergency line 112).

The renter, consumes full responsibility for injuries, damages to the rental vehicle or damages to properties that may occur, in case of delayed or deferred notification, towards the rental company.
The renter, is not authorized to proceed to any repairs to the rental vehicle.

If the incident is not recorded by the accident care service of our insurance company or by the police, or in case the renter leaves the scene of the accident without notice, all insurances are cancelled and all the expenses, bares the renter.



Regardless the insurance package provided CDW or FDW, there is no coverage in any case for: wheels, tires, rims, the underside of the vehicle, damages that may be caused while driving on unpaved/dirt/gravel roads (Balos, other similar routes, etc.), damages caused by animals.

Insurance does not cover: damages to the interior of the vehicle, to the optional equipment (GPS device, child seats, etc.) as well as for the loss or damage of the car key, the cost of which ranges, depending on the key type.

For damages that may be caused to the rental vehicle by driver's negligence (burnt clutch, parking on sidewalks, etc.), obvious acts of vandalism, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or other substances, conceding the vehicle to a third person not registered in the rental contract, driving or ferrying the rental vehicle outside Crete, ignoring overheating index & other warning signs, the renter will be the only responsible, for the total amount of the repair surcharges.

The renter is not insured, if insists on driving with a flat tire, overheat indicator or other warning signs.

Accidents caused, due to the violation of the international traffic regulations (exceeding speed limits, overpass on double line, U-turns, overlook redlight or STOP sign, etc.), are NOT covered by any insurance.