Safety Information & Updates for Coronavirus - COVID 19

Dear customers,

The past years, each one of us is facing a sad and unfortunate situation, over the virus Covid-19. All national authorities have taken extraordinary measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, disrupting our daily routine and our lives.
However, we as provider of a basic tourism service such is car rentals, contribute to the safe mobility of our guests, by ensuring reliability & boosting your confidence, towards local car rental companies.

Safety first

Considering that, our customers’ safety, as well as the safety of our staff is our top priority, we reinforced our standard cleaning procedure within each rental, by following all cleaning protocols, provided by World & Greek National Health Organization and of course, by using only reccomended disinfectant products, resulting the minimize of any possible infection or spread, both from Covid 19 and other similar viruses.


Covid Safe Autocreta Car Rentals

Car cleaning and disinfection

Every vehicle, is meticulously cleaned before and after every rental. All surfaces of the interior related to direct / indirect contact, such as: steering wheel, indicators, dashboard, door handles, radio and cup holders, are being thoroughly sanitized.
Subsequently, we perform a special interior disinfection, where doors are closed and the engine is on, in order the particles to penetrate the air ventilation ducts, as final process of disinfection. Αfter the external cleaning of the vehicle, we disinfect the car key and have it ready for the next customers.

Act with flexibility

We understand that your holiday plans might change unexpectedly, so our goal is to maintain flexibility for you and be as helpful as possible. For this reason and for your best service, we provide you easy and flexible options in order to change, modify or even cancel your car rental booking if necessary, so please don't hesitate to contact us.